Monday, December 17, 2007

New Features on ivacationonline, to help run your Vacation Rental by Owner.

RENTORS.ORG Update! One the of the new features and one of the most highly anticipated ones is the ability of the ivacationonline system to automatically update your RENTORS.ORG calendar.

Now when you enter the needed info into your property account, every time you CONFIRM, DECLINE, VOID or DISABLE a lease in the ivacationonline system, it will update your calendar on the RENTORS.ORG system. This can save you time and keep you accurate!

Automation is the pride of, we are taking tasks and time consuming items and automating them so the private owner can operate a vacation rental like a PRO! With the ivacationonline calendar being totally automated, you will never have to worry about keeping track of a calendar again!

SPREADSHEET! You can now email your spreadsheets to someone. We got this ready for the end of year tax rush. If you have a partner, manage a property for someone or just need to get your spreadsheet to your CPA, you can now email it to them off the system.

If you have not tried the system to run your vacation rental, you truly do not know what you are missing. Stop emailing word documents! Have a booking in seconds not days! Keep track of everything! The list is endless. Here is a LIST of FEATURES.

Sign up for our FREE 30 DAY TRIAL today. No credit card needed. No obligation. We will work with you to get you taking online bookings in a few minutes!

We look forward to helping you run a successful business!

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