Monday, December 10, 2007

eCom and now on

We are proud to announce the Patent Pending online reservations system, has added a new merchant service provider. eCom is now available to use with your online reservation system.
We have added eCom as an option for our owners as they use the gateway and this let's us have the most up to date technology for processing credit cards online.

This will mean more reliable servers are processing your transactions. Less possibility of a communication problem during your booking. Faster bookings too. Now the combination of the reservation system with the eCom, gateway for your processing is a sure fire way to take online reservations for your vacation rentals.
The rates are the best we could find. No application fee, no annual fee, only 2.24% for qualified transactions and no monthly minimum.
You can APPLY ONLINE for this service and you have to be an member to get these rates.
No set up fee
No monthly minimum
No closure fee
No Annual Fee
2.24% qualified discount rate
2.19% debit card discount rate
$.15 per transaction
$5.00 monthly service/statement fee
$10.00 gateway monthly fee
$.20 gateway per transaction fee

It only takes about 24 hours to have your merchant service set up. Then just add the log in and password information to your MY ACCOUNT section on, edit your rates to accept the eCom account and you are back in business. Taking online bookings has never been any safer or easier!
If you are not currently on the system, try our FREE 30 DAY TRIAL to see what taking online bookings can do for your vacation rental business. No more email WORD documents! No more double bookings! No more tracking everything! Let the software do it for you!
We hope you have a Happy Holiday Season and make sure to sign up for the free trial soon! The busy 2008 vacation rental season is just around the corner.
Happy Renting!

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