Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Beware Of Fake Email From Homeaway.

As many of our customers are Homeaway customers as well, we here at felt that is was important to share this information with our customers and followers. The HomeAway Security team discovered an unauthorized and false email solicitation inviting customers to download free anti-theft software from HomeAway. This email is not from HomeAway.

These types of attacks often appear to come from a company you trust such as your bank, credit card company or even your favorite department store, but this email looks like it comes from HomeAway themselves. Always practice caution when clicking on links in email. Simply clicking on a link in this email will cause the unauthorized software to download onto your computer.

If you receive this email that appears to come from Homeaway, do not click on any of the links in it.

If you already clicked on any link in the email, and believe you may have installed this unauthorized software, contact HomeAway's Customer Support Team by phone at 877-228-3145. has not had any issues or problems with any fake or spoofed emails appearing to originate from us but we felt it was important to inform our friends of this potential threat.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Save Time With Ivacationonline's Email Quote System's new email quoting system.

Are you ready to stop wasting time when it comes to replying to rental inquiries for your vacation home or condo? ivacationonline unveils its new Email Quoting System for vacation rental inquires. During the busy seasons of the vacation rental business the inquiries can come in droves. This is especially true when you are property manager and are handling the bookings for ten, twenty, thirty or more properties. With the average property getting 20-30 inquiries a week, multiplying that amount of emails by 30 can lead to an email overload.

Individually answering each email with additional information and pricing, not only wastes time but can cost you bookings as well. The new email quote system gives you the option of answering emails with a single click or just a simple copy and paste.

The email quote system gives you 3 options:

  • Property is available email
  • Property is unavailable email
  • Visitor email

In each pre-propagated email you can put in pertinent information, answer redundant questions, send a price quote, and have a link directly to your properties booking page. This saves you time by not having to answer several emails to the same potential renter, and because now they have practically everything they want to know in one email they can make the decision to rent your property.

Many vacation rental customers will send out 10 or more inquiries and normally cannot remember which property was which, but with the Email Quote System you will be sending them; a picture of the property, the address, the pricing breakdown, down payment amount, security deposit, and payment schedule. Don't forget the email includes a direct link to your booking page so that a renter can book their stay online with ease. This link to the booking page makes it easier than ever for a potential renter to book you property online.

The system, once you have set up your responses can save you approximately 80% of the time you were spending answering emails. That is correct 80%, and this time saved is money made. It is proven in this industry that home owners and managers who respond faster to inquiries GET MORE BOOKINGS!

Another great feature of the system is when a visitor clicks on your Email Quote button they have the option to send all of the information to every person in their party. This is a major factor in getting more booking and renting your property faster. Every property owner has heard this, "I love the place but I have to show it to the others in our group to see if it is ok with them". Now everyone involved gets all of the information instantly so that your potential vacationers can make a decision faster.

So now that you know all of the time saving benefits, the money making advantages, and the customer service upgrades, you're probably asking what will this additional service from cost me. The answer is, nothing, that's right, if you are already a member of the property management software system website there is no charge to you, it' free! Also if you are not already a member of simply sign up for a 30 day free trial and see how easy renting your vacation home or condo can be.

Visit today, click on the risk free 30 day trial offer, and enjoy the benefits of online property management.

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And our new Email Quote System

All of this and more on one easy to use website plus a customer service center that is second to none.