Friday, December 23, 2011

Protection For Vacation Rental Property Against Accidental Damage

If you own a vacation home, time share condo, 2nd home or condo or if you rent out your own home you have certainly come across the issue of security for your property. This is usually handled by having the renter pay a security deposit. This works up to a certain extent but it is not a perfect situation to say the least. The collecting of the deposit and the refund of the deposit is a time consuming endeavor. This time could certainly be used in a productive manner.

Well exclusive to has worked with Travel Guard in a joint venture to bring accidental damage insurance at an affordable price to short term vacation rentals.

Here how it works, if you are a member of ivacationonlines vacation property manage website it is as simple as a few clicks of the mouse and a fee is added to your rental program. The fee is $39 and this buys you $3000 worth of damage protection. No other website in the world offers this program. Now here is the greatest point, once you set the Travel Guard insurance up in your rental program you actually get a percentage of each policy. That is right you get paid to protect your own property.

To get all the details on the system and to find out how easy it is, just vist Ivon's accidental Damage insurance page.