Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Deposit Insurance for Vacation Rentals Thru ivacationonline Vacation Rental Software is proud to announce our new partner, TRAVEL GUARD and their Deposit Protection Plan.
Managing a vacation rental is getting easier everyday. With the online booking, reservation system and vacation rental software that provides, running a vacation rental keeps getting easier and easier.
Now with the TRAVEL GUARD ACCIDENTAL RENTAL DAMAGE INSURANCE there is no reason to take and hold and then return a security deposit. For a one time fee of $45 that you charge to your guest, there is a policy placed on the lease that covers the owner up to $1500 in accidental damages. What is an accident? Well, it does not cover anything intentional. If there is an accident, junior bounces a ball and it beaks a lamp, then you file a claim thru the vacation rental software and you, the owner receives a check from Travel Guard. *per the terms and conditions.
Why should you as an owner offer this? One reason is it will keep your cost to book with you down. If you are taking a $500 security deposit, the guest must give you an extra $500 when booking. That is replaced with a $45 fee. So if the guest is shopping around your rates may now appear to be less. Then you as the owner will not have to track that, and then return it after the stay. So it will help with your booking rates and it is less work on your end.
Then you now have $1500 in coverage where before you may have taken a $500 deposit and what do you do when there is more than $500 in damage? You just tripled your coverage.
The vacation rental reservation system does all the work. You simply tell the system you want to participate in this program, then each booking will have a $45 fee added to the booking and the insurance is placed on the booking for you. This is all done behind the scenes at The only you will ever have to do it file a claim, which is a form in your admin if one needs to be filed. Simply fill it out and press send!

The best news is, you as the property owner gets paid for participating in this program. So you make money on the selling of the insurance on your property.
Keeping things simple and staying on the cutting edge in the vacation rental business is what is all about. We are here to make it easy to book online and to bring all the tools an owner or manager needs to have a successful property rental business.
Look for more updates on TRAVEL GUARD TRAVEL INSURANCE soon on the system.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Republic of Panama Vacation Rentals - Las Olas Villa

We wanted to share with you our new villa that is now for rent as a vacaiton rental in the Republic of Panama at the Las Olas Resort location of Playa La Barqueta.
If you are looking for a vacation destination, you have found it! Panama has so much to offer. With the new Ocean Front villa, LAS OLAS VILLA you can take a vacation of a life time to a remote private setting in a luxurious beach front villa. From the live in care taker to the daily maid service, you will be able to relax and enjoy the ocean side life style. The 4000 sq ft villa is professionally decorated and the private pool with gazebo is a stunning way to spend the afternoon.

Consider the Republic of Panama and Playa La Barqueta for your next vacation of a life time and book your trip online today at Be sure to view our photo album on the site so you can see exactly what your vacation in Panama will be like. Here are jsut a few of the activities you can enjoy while on your trip.

Horse back riding on the beach in Panama. Have horse brought to you at the villa and enjoy a sunset ride on the beach. There is no better way to relax than having a horseback ride on the surf and sand of Panama.

Zip Line in the Rain Forest of Panama. In the small coffee town of Boquete Panama there is an adventure business called TREE TREK. If you ever want to feel like you are flying, this is the thing for you. Spend a great day zipping along the tops of the rain forest in Panama.

Kayak Tour of the Mangrove System. One of the wonders of Panama is the Mangrove system in La Barqueta. This system Mangroves goes on for miles and takes you to the Pacific Ocean. Experience with the local guide Elaine and she can show you all you need to know about this outdoor wonderland!

Ocean Side Massage Service. If you really want to get away and relax be sure to schedule your ocean side massage. The experienced staff of Las Olas Villa will arrange your massage pool side and ocean side. This is a treat not to miss!

There are so many more things to experience on your vacation of a lifetime to the Republic if Panama. Here are just a few more. PANAMA ACTIVITIES.

Call today or email us anytime. If you are looking for a differnet vacation and to get away from the crowd, this Ocean Front Villa at Las Olas Villas, in Playa La Barqueta is your next stop. Book it online today.