Thursday, October 11, 2012

Owning Vacation Properties In Different Areas.

The vacation rental business is sometimes a odd creature. For many owners the ebb and flow of peak seasons are like clock work. The Panhandle of Florida starts to heat up just as the north does, and follows the college spring breaks year after year. May tends to be slower and as soon as Memorial weekend hits it is hard to answer all of the calls.

It may seem strange to others the summer is the peak season in northern Florida, but it is a big family vacation destination. That said southern Florida has a bit of a different peak season, even though they enjoy a vibrant summer vacation rental season, winter is a very busy season for them with many northerners escaping the cold. Canadians love Florida and marketing to their cities is a good way to get renters.

Often vacation rental owners that hold several properties often have them in the same general vicinity. There is merit to this decision, but having properties with different peak seasons is not a bad idea as well. The Smoky Mountains has a big fall travel season and runs all the way to New Years. They of course do well all summer long.

 A home in southern climates can keep you cash register ringing all winter long with snowbirds, and any beach property does well during the summer.

Certainly there are difficulties with having properties in different locations, such as having to use different cleaning companies, different maintenance people. There are also benefits, remember there are tax deductions available when you have to travel to your property to inspected, clean, and repair.

Of course always check with your tax adviser about deductions, and call to set up your properties. Through their online system you can automate the cleaning crew so that they are notified of each cleaning, You can store your list of service providers in their system so that you or your on site manager can contact them in short notice.

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