Sunday, August 12, 2012

Property Management Website Features

This blog post for property management software system is going to be a intoduction for some and a refresher for others. Often times when you have been using a software and have become comfortable with it, you tend not to investigate other options of the software or try the new features that come along. Why would you, everything is working perfect now. Don't fix it if it's not broken right?
That is true the ivacationonline website works perfectly the owner is constantly trying to improve the system, adapting to new changes in the industry and bring you the lastest upgrades available.
These are just going to be snippets and you can click on the link to read the full details.
Registering a domain and having a website for your property. You be so booked in your units that you do not need any additional renters but one thing that can help you is having a domain and website for each of your properties. Ivacationonline can build youe website and you can register a domain name through their site.

Travel Insurance.

This have been a lifesaver, and a big selling point for many of our property owners and managers. Many of the homes our members rent are large, expensive homes. A week in prime season can cost $10,000 or more. This can create tension and stress for a potential renter. What better way to close a rental than to offer a product that insures the potential renter that they can get a refund for any reason or no reason at all. Talk about peace of mind. Visit travel insurance.
Damage Insurance. Are you still dealing with collecting a security deposit? Why? Iavacation with Travel Guard has set up a program that you can automatically add $3000 worth of damage insurance to your property for a fee of $39. This fee is typically passed on to the owner and can be a potential revenue stream for the owner. The customer actually appreciates it because now they no longer have to wait to get their money back from you the owner, they are not nervous about being charged for damage they did not do. If every there was a perfect product for the owner and renter alike this may be it. Read more at Rental Damage Insurance
If everything here seems foreign to you or you have never used online property management website then here is a great opportunity. You can try it for free for 30 days with no obligation. Use this link to start you free 30 day trail with the best property management software available.

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