Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Make Your Vacation Property More Profitable

Summer is here and it is in full swing. As a vacation property owner you need to maximize your return on your investment. This means finding ways to save and cut costs were you can. For those of you who own property in hot climates one easy simple to save money is to install low E window film on your windows that are exposed to heavy and direct sunlight.

Direct sunlight can heat up a home very quickly and allowing the full brunt of that light to travel through your window and to heat the interior of your home only makes it more difficult to keep it cool.

Ivacationonline online property owners are all over the US in areas such as Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Arizona, South Carolina and other typically warm states. These areas see sunshine typically all year and having a quality window tint can save you thousands in the long term.

First it will lower you cooling bill starting the very first day it is installed. You can pick the level of darkness of the film. 50% - 60% is normal. This reduces the suns rays but still allows natural light in. By reducing the sun light and lowering the strain on your AC unit to try to keep the home cool, you prolong the life of your AC unit, once again saving you money.

Here is one hidden benefit of window tint, it helps prevent fading of curtains, furniture, carpet, and other materials inside your home or condo.

One last point to cover is to check with your local power company or local government agency to see if they are offering a rebate to you for using window tint. Gulf Power in the Panhandle of Florida offers a rebate and it is not a drop in the bucket. A typical house can get $200-$300 back for using a certified window tint.

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