Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Beware Of Fake Email From Homeaway.

As many of our customers are Homeaway customers as well, we here at felt that is was important to share this information with our customers and followers. The HomeAway Security team discovered an unauthorized and false email solicitation inviting customers to download free anti-theft software from HomeAway. This email is not from HomeAway.

These types of attacks often appear to come from a company you trust such as your bank, credit card company or even your favorite department store, but this email looks like it comes from HomeAway themselves. Always practice caution when clicking on links in email. Simply clicking on a link in this email will cause the unauthorized software to download onto your computer.

If you receive this email that appears to come from Homeaway, do not click on any of the links in it.

If you already clicked on any link in the email, and believe you may have installed this unauthorized software, contact HomeAway's Customer Support Team by phone at 877-228-3145. has not had any issues or problems with any fake or spoofed emails appearing to originate from us but we felt it was important to inform our friends of this potential threat.

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