Monday, September 28, 2009

Las Olas Resort & Las Brisas Del Mar Condo Vacation Rentals

Las Olas Resort and the new condo complex in the Republic of Panama, Las Brisas Del Mar has moved forward with it's owner friendly vacation rental program.

Seeing the need and desire to incorporate the owners in the rental of their own condos, Las Olas Resort has decided to partner with La and provide a unique and aggressive way for the owners to rent their condos while they are not present for additional income.

With the demand for direct ocean front property, renting a 3 bedroom condo that is directly on the ocean with a wonderful pool is a good business decision. It is now easier at Las Olas located at Playa La Barqueta.

The owners can be more involved and have direct control over the rental process. They have listings on the Internet that have complete online booking, the owners receive the funds up front, and the local company handles the coming and going of the guest, cleans the unit and provides customer support for the guest while they are on site.

So now an owner in the USA can be involved in the rental process and be confident that the guest staying in their condo in Panama is getting the proper treatment they deserve.

If you are looking for a vacation in paradise and want to visit the Las Olas area, please review the vacation rentals at the Las Brisas Del Mar condos here: ONLINE RESERVATIONS We would love to have you as a guest to show you this beautiful piece of paradise and we look forward to having your online review of Las Olas and the Playa La Barqueta area on our sites.

If you are an owner or a person looking to buy at the Las Olas Resort location, please be sure to review the resorts web site and also the web site of LA BARQUETA,

With the online tools that are now available to an owner, running a vacation rental has never been easier, even in a foreign country or half a world away! If you are intersted in a condo please feel free to contact us at either site. Now is the time to buy. We look forward to seeing you at the Las Brisas Del Mar Condos soon!

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