Friday, February 22, 2008

Panama Vacation Rental Market

I just returned from a trip to Panama. As I have mentioned here before, we are building Ocean Front Homes in Panama for Fractional sales and Vacation Rentals.

Every time I go to Panama, I see a country that is untouched. We went out fishing and scuba diving and it was on a Saturday. There was no aircraft in the area, NONE. And we had to go find our guides friends that were diving too, to invite them to lunch.

It was one of the most beautiful experiences I have ever been through. The picture above is the brand New condo complex at Las Olas near David. This complex is just being completed and the next complex is getting ready to break ground.

Showing what there is to do in Panama is one of the ways we can show you where to take a vacation. With out pictures to document what to do on vacation, how would anyone know what to do once they get there.

I will also include a video that I found on YOU TUBE that really helps show off Panama. There is so much there that no one really knows.

This is why we decided to build vacation rentals in Panama and to use the online booking software, With the online booking and the slide shows showing what there is to do in Panama we feel the market will respond and book a trip to this destination.

The lost are truly endless as to the activities in Panama. Las Olas resort is building a new 27 hole golf course, diving, swimming, beach walking, zip lining and on and on.

If you ever thought about a trip south to Panama, I highly recommend it! Feel free to contact me anytime. We are always planning a trip down there and would love to meet you there to show you what we have found to be our home away from home, PANAMA!

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